10 Tips for a great ‘Contact Me’ page

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The Contact Page on a website is so important and often overlooked by web designers. In fact, some say its the most important page on your website!

Here are a few tips in creating a great contact page.

1. Be Creative

Get creative and stand out – often contact pages are boring. So why not make it memorable. Use a quirky image, large typography, a bold colour scheme, include illustrations, a bit of humour, perhaps a film in the background. Show some personality!

2. Make contact form simple

The contact form should only have the necessary fields. Too many fields will just frustrate the user and they will likely leave the page.

3. Include a call to action

Create a clear call to action buttons eg buttons that point to different departments within your company or organisation.

4. Include a map

Integrating a Google map is easy. I personally prefer a custom static map which incorporates your branding colours.

5. Be consistent

Make the design of the contact page in keeping with the rest of the site – often the contact page seems much more distinct and odd compared to the other pages on your site.

6. Be friendly

conversational and helpful in your language and tone. eg ‘How can I help you?

7. Include details

Include opening hours if appropriate.

8. Include your staff or even a team photo

People like to contact ‘real’ people!

9. Include social media links


10. Be clear on user journey

Lastly, but probably most importantly, make sure that the user knows where their comments or details they have entered have gone! When will they expect an answer? A clever move would be to direct the user to an important section of your site once they hit that ‘Submit’ button, maybe a sign-up newsletter form.

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