16 Tips for a great ‘About Me’ page

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About Me pages on websites can often be boring, mundane, full of clutter and statistics etc. Are people really interested in all those details?

The About Me page is often overlooked by web authors and content writers who simply follow a pre-designed template or even worse copying and pasting from others.

Did you know that Your About Me page is the second most visited page after your home page!

Here are 16 tips that will help you write and design an effective About Me Page:

1. Write a story

How did your service or product help to change lives?

2. Use emotive language.

It humanizes your brand. Avoid too much industry jargon and sound friendly.

3. Include Customer Testimonials

Builds social proof.

4. Add images

An image of yourself – even better a quirky one! add images of your shop, office, staff etc.

5. Create a personality

It’s a place to build a relationship with your audience. Not time to push your agenda trying to make £ out of them.

6. Include a Mission Statement

It will encapsulate who you are, what you do, who you serve and where you operate.

7. Include client logos

Again building that trust. Be honest here!

8. Include Social media links

Links to You-tube, FaceBook, your blog articles etc.

9. Include a call to action

eg. Add an online form to capture leads for a newsletter for example.

10. Use the correct voice

This will depend on your audience but a more conversational tone is preferred nowadays than coming across like a corporate giant.

11. Include Awards

This will boost confidence in your customers that you are a reputable company to deal with.

12. Include Events

Upcoming events will show that you are current and adds to overall perception about you.

13. Include your core beliefs

Your principles, culture, beliefs are all important to who you are and your aims and aspirations.

14. Include quotations

Quotations especially from famous people often are used as motivational tools and using them really reflects on the type of person/business you are.

15. Include company/organisation facts

Honesty, transparency will build trust in your customers.

16. Include a timeline

Your journey if done with an interesting story will not only humanise you but helps your customer understand how you got to where you are at now.

I hope this short article helps and I look forward to your suggestions and questions on how to create an effective About Me page.

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