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Assalam alaykum

We are Net Ummah.
We design so that Muslim businesses &
organisations look their best.

Who? Why? What?

We are Net Ummah. Set up by Muslims for Muslims, we are a specialist digital and design agency offering a unique combination of skills and experience to help Muslim organisations and businesses achieve their goals.

Net Ummah is a family run business driven by an Islamic ethos with clients both international and nationwide. We have over 15 years experience in web design with particular expertise in creating innovative websites using the WordPress digital platform.

We are more than just web designers; we possess specialist skills in graphic and print design ranging from business stationery, brochures, leaflets, and signboards, amongst other things.

All our work is done with one aim in mind: to market your Islamic business/organisation with the clearest messages that connect with your audiences.

About Net Ummah

Afzal Mohamed, Founder & CEO

Afzal is the man responsible for creating the largest website and graphic design in the world.

Many Muslim businesses and organisations are struggling to keep up with a fast moving, digital world and so risk being left behind. Net Ummah exists so that Muslim businesses and organisations can portray themselves in the best possible light to captivate and motivate Muslim audiences to create positive change using modern and traditional ways of communicating.

Fascinated by the progress of Muslims in the field or art and design, Afzal wishes to recreate the same effect in modern times.

“Its time to make a change…”

The Team

The family team driving Net Ummah

Afzal Mohamed
Afzal Mohamed
Senior Website & Graphic Designer

Apart from running the business, Afzal makes sure Net Ummah’s products are user design centric.

Afzal enjoys watching theological debates and art house movies.

“Lets professionalise our Muslim businesses and organisations.”

Hafsa Mohamed
Hafsa Mohamed
Web Administrator

Hafsa’s passion is to make sure thats Net Ummah’s clients content is up-to-date.

Outside of work she enjoys baking and watching movies.

“Its important to be always relevant, otherwise you will be left behind.”

Adam Mohamed
Adam Mohamed
Media Marketing

Adam is responsible for attracting as many buineses and organisations to Net Ummah.

He loves business strategy discussions and is a fitness fanatic.

“Its time to get the word out to all Muslim businesses and organisations around the world.”

Yasmin Mohamed
Yasmin Mohamed

Yasmin keeps Net Ummah’s CRM up-to-date and manages customer relations.

Yasmin enjoys cooking and travelling around the world.

“I am happy when the customer is happy!”

“The best of people are those
that bring most benefit
to the rest of mankind.”



What are clients say about Net Ummah

Mumin Khan
Chief Executive, AQS

The Mosque was founded by Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam in 1887. The aim of the AQS is to fully restore this very important part of U.K’s Islamic Heritage.

“It was a brilliant job they have done for us raising the awareness of our organisation.”

Saleha Bagas
CEO, Saleha Bagas

SALEHABAGAS, are a modest wear brand established in 2014 that provide fashionably modest clothing for the modern woman without compromising faith.

“Timing was crucial to get new revamped website ready for the Ramadan launch 2021”

Dr Haroon Khan
Chair, IMRA Doctors

IMRA (International Medical Relief Agency) is a U.K based charity providing medical relief world-wide. The team consists of over 100 medical professionals.

“The new website saved us money by amalgamating our UK and US sites”

Shabir Makim
Co-Partner, Intuition

Intuition Centre offers affordable, additional educational support to children and young people, residing in Manchester and surrounding areas.

“The website increased our student intake – we are now opening additional tuition centres”