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    • Is modest wear really modest? June 19, 2023

      Is Modest Fashion really modest?

      Who defines modesty? Scripture or Society?

      Devout Muslims would say scripture using the following criteria for assessing outward modesty for women:

      • Clothes not revealing the shape
      • Non-transparent apparel
      • Covering the head and body except for hands and face (some ulema also include feet as an exception)
      • Other things not to attract men e.g., Colourful clothes and makeup

      The Islamic Modest Fashion industry is worth billions, with high street brands like Nike offering modest brand lines.

      My question is: Do the Muslim Modest Wear businesses conform to scripture or part scripture and part pandering to modern society norms? Please comment below.

    • Do we need lottery funding? Where are the Muslim philanthropists? May 19, 2023

      Do we really need Lottery funding?

      Where are the Muslim philanthropists?

      As an Ummah we are wealthy, aren’t we? Wealthy Middle East Muslims, rich Muslim businessmen not to name famous rich Muslim footballers.

      What do they do with their masses of wealth? Why not fund valuable Islamic Projects.

      Why do we go begging to Lottery funding to fund our Islamic projects? We all know that these sources are regarded as ‘dirty’ money and we feel a sense of guilt using them.

      My question is: Where are the Muslim philanthropists?

    • Can you be rich and be Islamic? April 25, 2023

      Can you be rich and be Islamic?

      Question: Is there an internal battle in human beings between the spiritual and temporal?

      Question: Is there an internal battle among Muslims of Deen and Dunya?

      We are weak human beings. We all succumb to greed and the danger is that wealth with affect our character.

      It seems the wealthier you are the more narcissistic you become.

      We learn that some Sahaba were extremely wealthy. But they were few in number and special right? ie righteous and charitable? Most of the Sahaba were poor.

      My question is: Can we be wealthy, pursue materialism and retain a good Islamic character?