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Case Study –

Intuition Centres

“The website increased our student intake –
we are now opening additional tuition centres”

Intuition Case Study

Brand Refresh. More Students.

Easy to apply.

Intuition Centre offers affordable, additional educational support to children and young people, residing in Manchester and surrounding areas.

Our task was threefold:

Net Ummah partnered with the founders of Intuition to help rebrand their visual identity. Then, Net Ummah redesigned their website to align with the new brand identity, improving how students applied and purchased courses.

The Result:

An increase in student intake and the opening of an additional tuition centre.

Challenge –

Intuition was up against long established tuition centres.

How could Intuition compete?


Since the website launch, strategic marketing employed and shopfront designed Intuition’s conversion rates have increased drastically.

“As a result of the website we have a lot more leads, and as a result, we are now opening a second, and the third centre”
Shabir Makim (Co-founder of Intuition)

“From the marketing materials we are now getting loads more children into the centre, loads more business, MashaAllah”
Kamran Khan (Co-founder of Intuition)

Intuition Design Strategy

Developing the Strategy

We sat down with the founders of Intuition, Shabir Makim and Kamran Khan, to craft the brand’s strategy. Over this facilitated session, we managed to discover the tuition centre’s goals and their challenges. It was clear that their aims were threefold. Firstly they required a complete brand refresh. Secondly, a website redesign which would implement an easy to use exam and enrollment application system for their students. Lastly, marketing materials and a new shop-front design to attract new potential clients.

Brand Attributes –

Educational. Vibrant. Child Friendly.

Intuition Branding Typography Intuition Branding Colour Scheme Intuition Leaflet Design

Shop Front Design

Net Ummah recognised that Intuition’s shopfront had to attract the right foot traffic and thus we crafted a bold, striking and professional design. Key Features: Child Safety messaging – Detailed vector ‘School’ visuals.

Promotional Collateral

Intuition Roller Banner Design

Designer / Developer:

Afzal Kaduji

Time Scale:

2-3 months

Scope of Project:


Shop Front Design

Marketing print materials

Website Design

Frontend / Backend Development

User Experience Design (UX)

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