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The Abdullah Quilliam TeamThe Abdullah Quilliam Society (AQS) are a small dedicated team whose aim is to restore the First Mosque in England situated at Brougham Terrace, Liverpool. The Mosque was founded by a Victorian English convert to Islam: Abdullah Quilliam in 1887. Did you know that for almost one hundred years this building was used as Liverpool Records of marriages and Births. The staff who worked there used to refer to it as ‘The Little Mosque’ totally unaware that it was the first mosque in England and its historical value.

The intention is to reveal the fascinating history behind the mosque, the man: Abdullah Quillam, his aims, ideals and continuing legacy. Glaib Khan – Chair

The Challenge

  1. Branding: Logo Re-Design, Colour Scheme, Typography
  2. Build a website with emphasis on the services they provide for the community
  3. Web Care Plan
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Brochure Design
  7. Leaflet Design
  8. Photography
  9. Corporate Stationery
  10. Videopgraphy

Project Timeline

Project Duration: On-going
Designer/Developer: Afzal Kaduji


Typography used on the Abdullah Quilliam website


Typeface: Lora (Victorian Serif), Inconsolata (mono-spaced)

Colour Scheme used on the Abdullah Quilliam website

Colour Scheme

Base Colour: #627F7B- Victorian Blue
Accent Colour: #C1272D – Moroccan Red

Logo Re-Design

Occasionally, we advise the client that their existing logo is not suitable for today’s current trends. This was the case with the old AQS logo. We have written a short article about this entitled: “Why you need to change your logo design”.

The original logo was in a jpg format. This meant that the logo could not – in its present state – be enlarged without losing valuable detail. What was required was to recreate the logo in a format called vector. The process involved drawing out all the lines using a light pen of the original logo and converting each line/curve produced into a vector. Vector images can be enlarged/reduced without any loss in detail. The images below demonstrate the point:

Original AQS Logo Non vector format
Original AQS Logo
Non vector format
New AQS logo Vector format
New AQS logo
vector format


Though the original logo might be visually appealing enough it still does not allow for enlargement without some degradation:

Original logo enlarged- some considerable blur
Original logo enlarged
– some considerable blur
New AQS vector logo enlarged - no degradation in quality
New AQS vector logo enlarged
– no degradation in quality

New Logo Design

The AQS has opted for our branding service ie. a complete rebrand.

England's First Mosque Exterior
New Propose Logo

Web Design & Development

The clients brief was to have a website design that showed off the many monthly activities held at England’s First Mosque.

We have dedicated a whole post explaining How we made England’s First Mosque Website.

Screeshot of England's First Mosque website
Visit Site

Web Care Plan

Web Care Plan Report for the Abdullah Quilliam Mosque

The AQS has subscribed to our Website Care Plan which means we take care of all the updates on the AQS Website for a monthly or annual fee, whilst the AQS Team concern themselves with running the masjid.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Report for the Abdullah Quilliam Mosque

The AQS has also subscribed our Social Media Marketing, so we take care of posting their regular activities.

The AQS FaceBook page now has over 1000 likes!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Report for the Abdullah Quilliam Mosque

The AQS has also subscribed our Email Marketing, so we mass email campaigns to their contact list.

Brochure Design

Brochure Design for Abdullah Quilliam Society

Leaflet Design

Brochure Design for Abdullah Quilliam Society


Galib Khan - AQS
Galib Khan
Mumin Khan - AQS
Mumin Khan
Dr Abdul Hameed - AQS
Abdul Hameed
Farhad Ahmed - AQS
Farhad Ahmed
We have dedicated a full post with photos of the original features at the historic mosque.

Corporate Stationery

Business Card for the Mumin Khan - AQS
Business Card (reverse) for the Mumin Khan - AQS


We delivered comprehensive digital and design solutions to refresh a nationally significant Islamic project and successfully enabled them to deliver a global fundraising appeal to save England’s first mosque.

Our relationship with the Abdullah Quilliam Society has grown over the years and as their organisational goals have evolved, we have adapted with them. What began with redesigning a logo and website soon became a comprehensive marketing and communication service. This demonstrates Net Ummah’s versatility and how we nurture relationships to the benefit of our clients.

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