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Case Study –

Abdullah Quilliam

“Preserving nineteenth-century Islamic history”

Intuition Case Study

Preserving nineteenth-century Islamic history.

The Abdullah Quilliam Society (AQS) is a small group of dedicated individuals who wish to restore the First Mosque in England via donations, preserving its Georgian and Victorian features. The Mosque was founded by a Victorian convert to Islam, Abdullah Quilliam in 1887. It is the aim of the AQS to highlight the history behind this remarkable gentleman, the mosque he built, discuss his ideals and continue his legacy. We at Net Ummah are very honoured that the AQS has commisioned us to design their branding assets.

Our task was fourfold:

  • Vectorising their original logo.
  • Alternative logo.
  • Illustrations.
  • Colour Scheme and Typography.

The Result:

Preserving nineteenth-century Islamic history.

Vectorising their original logo.

AQS original logo AQS original logo

Alternative logo.

AQS alternative logo


AQS Illustrations

Colour Scheme and Typography.

AQS Colour Scheme AQS Typography


Afzal Kaduji

Time Scale:

3 months

Scope of Project: