Case Study: G Squared Architecture

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G Squared Architecture was founded by Galib Khan and Dai Gwynne who have worked together for almost 25 years at Comtechsa for the voluntary and community sector in and around Liverpool.

Many of their projects include faith based schemes with various mosques and ethnic community centres in their portfolio.

We designed the website to promote the services of two professional architects who sought to capitalise on their substantial experience in the voluntary sector to set up a new joint venture.

The Challenge

  1. Build a portfolio website with emphasis on current and past projects.
  2. Branding: Logo Design, Colour Scheme, Typography
  3. Portraiture Photography.

Project Timeline

Project Duration: 2-3 months
Designer/Developer: Afzal Kaduji

Website Design and Development

  • Large, bold and captivating ‘hero’ image on the front page of the site

  • Slides on the front page highlighting most important work

  • A navigational structure to represent the three areas of work:
    Faith, Community, Private work

Hero image

Large, bold ‘hero’ image on the home page – visually striking

Home page slides

Web Pages

Visit Site



Typeface: Questrial – modern typeface

Colour Scheme

Base Colour: #FF8F00 – Amber
Accent Colour: #1665C1 – Blue

Logo Design

Conceptual logo

Portraiture Photography

Gsquared partner Dai Gywnne pre and post production
  • Removal of the original undesirable background with special attention to keeping hair strands
  • Adding natural ‘red’ colour to face
  • Removal of any spots from clothing
  • Adding an office background with a blurry affect
  • Brightness and contrast adjustments


By homing in on the client’s key markets of faith, community and business groups, we were able to create a website with a distinctive look and feel by integrating logo design, colour schemes and photographic styles to create a pro-social ambience.

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