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Case Study –


“The new website saved us money by amalgamating our UK and US sites”

IMRA Case Study

Website Rebuild. Efficiency.


IMRA (International Medical Relief Agency) is a U.K based charity providing medical relief world-wide. The team consists of over 100 medical professionals whose primary aim is to educate and train those in the medical profession to better the healthcare of the most underprivileged countries in the world.

The task:

Net Ummah partnered with IMRA’s trustees to professionalise their on-line identity.

The Result:

A higher calibre and much improved user experience for both IMRA’s UK & US donors.

Developing the Strategy

IMRA Design Strategy

Challenge –

Combining two archaic websites into one modern website.

Attracting donors from around the globe.

Branding – Medical. Caring. Professional

IMRA Website Typography


Arabic Typesetting (Serif), Myriad Pro (Sans)


IMRA Website Colour Scheme

Colour Scheme:


Web Design & Development

IMRA Website Wireframe - Prototype

Portrait Photography

IMRA Team portraiture photography

Promotional Collateral

IMRA Roller Banner Design and supply

Designer / Developer:

Afzal Kaduji

Time Scale:

2-3 months

Scope of Project:


Portraiture Photography

Website Design & Development

User Experience Design (UX)