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Signboard design for Intuition

Intuition Centre started in 2012 offering affordable, additional educational support to children and young people, residing in Gatley and surrounding areas.

We helped an educational business to grow their client base through focused digital and print marketing and signage to attract their target audiences.

The Challenge

  1. Branding: Logo Design, Sign-board, Colour Scheme, Typography
  2. Build a website with emphasis on the services they provide – In Progress
  3. Brochure Design
  4. Leaflet Design
  5. A1 Board Design

Project Timeline

Project Duration: 2-3 months
Designer/Developer: Afzal Kaduji


Typography for Intuition


Typeface: THe Great Escape (Serif), Myriad Pro (Sans)

Colour Scheme for Intuition

Colour Scheme

Base Colour: #F15A29- Tangerine
Accent Colour: #401000- Plum

Logo & Signboard Design

Signboard Design for Intuition
Signboard Design for Intuition

Web Design & Development

Screenshot of website for Intuition

Visit Intuition Centres website

Brochure Design

A Brochure Design still in development.
Brochure Design for Intuition

Leaflet Design

We have designed many leaflets for Intuition Centre.
Leaflet for Intuition

A1 Board

A Board Design for Intuition


By creating an educational brand with a clinical yet simple style we were able to appeal to both children and parents and make key messages and calls to action stand out. This had the impact of increasing awareness and knowledge of what the business offered, making it more effective at attracting new customers.

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    where is our video testimonial?

    • Adam
      | Reply

      Assalamalaykum Br.Shabir. We will upload on the testimonial page of Net Ummah soon inshAllah.

    • Avatar
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      Assalamalaykum Br.Shabir You can now see the testimonial video on this page and on the testimonial page. Jazakallahu Khairan.

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