Case Study: Pakistan Association of Liverpool

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Pakistan Association of Liverpool exterior

PAL Centre (Pakistan Association of Liverpool) was built in 1977 and has been in the forefront of serving the multicultural community primarily in the most deprived area of Liverpool.

We provided a marketing and communications service to support an Pakistani cultural organisation to promote the inclusivity of its services enabling them to secure significant grants to modernise their premises.

The Challenge

  1. Branding: Logo Design, Sign-board, Colour Scheme, Typography
  2. Build a website with emphasis on the services they provide for the community
  3. Web Care Plan
  4. Social Media
  5. Brochure Design
  6. Leaflet Design
  7. Corporate Stationery
  8. Photography

Project Timeline

Project Duration: 2-3 months
Designer/Developer: Afzal Kaduji


Typography used for PAL Centre


Typeface: Trajan Pro (Serif), Myriad Pro (Sans)

Colour Scheme used for PAL Centre

Colour Scheme

Base Colour: #088141 – Pakistan Green
Accent Colour: #1665C1 – Burnt Orange

Logo & Signboard Design

Signboard Design for the PAL Centre

Web Design & Development

The clients brief was to have a website design that showed off the many monthly activities held at the multi-cultural centre. These included regular health awareness sessions, sporting events and religious functions.

Screenshot of PAL wbesite

Web Care Plan

Web Care Report for PAL Centre

PAL has subscribed to our Website Care Plan which means we take care of all the updates on the PAL Website for a monthly or annual fee, whilst the PAL Team concern themselves with running the Centre.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Report for PAL Centre

PAL has also subscribed our Social Media Marketing, so we take care of posting their regular activities.

Brochure Design

Brochure Design for PAL Centre

Leaflet Design

Leaflet Design for PAL Centre

Corporate Stationery

Corporate Stationery for PAL Centre



Our intervention has helped to advance the work of a Muslim voluntary organisation to preserve important cultural traditions and practices at risk of being eroded. The role of our services was instrumental in effectively communicating the vision of the organisation to its stakeholders appealing to a broader set of service users.

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