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Case Study –


“100 Quran language translations online”

Quran.me Case Study

The Quran in Every Home

Quran.me is offering the Quran to enter every home on the globe, allowing users to read it in the language of their choice. Net Ummah partnered with the founders of Quran.me to realise their dream.

Our task was threefold:

Firstly, Net Ummah designed/developed a new website allowing easy navigation to the Quranic translations. Secondly, an E-commerce implementation for both free and paid Islamic books. Lastly, videos consisting of dawa related content.

The Result:

An easy to use system to read the translation of the Quran in various languages.

Designer / Developer:

Afzal Kaduji

Time Scale:


Scope of Project:

Website Design

Frontend / Backend Development

User Experience Design (UX)

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