Case Study: Saleha Bagas

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Saleha Bagas is a young designer based in the North West of England. She studied at The Fashion Institute – University of Central Lancashire. She has won many design awards, including the creative Focus Fashion Award and the English Asian Business Award in 2016.

I try not to let other designers influence my work, but you have to always be aware what is going on in the industry to then ignore it and predict the next coming season.

Saleha Bagas – Designer

Saleha Bagas on the BBC

The Challenge

  1. Branding: Colour Scheme, Typography
  2. Build a ecommerce website
  3. Web Care Plan
  4. Advanced Web Slider design

Project Timeline

Project Duration: 2-3 months
Designer/Developer: Afzal Kaduji



Typeface: Lato Regular (Sans), Lato Light (Sans)

Colour Scheme

Base Colour: #DBBA9B – Skin
Accent Colour: #3E3E3E – Charcoal

Website Design and Development

We have designed an ecommerce site for Saleha Bagas. It is currently being updated.

Web Care Plans

Saleha Bagas has subscribed to our Website Care Plan. This allows Net Ummah to make the regular changes to their website for a monthly or annual fee.

Advanced Web Slider

We are in the process of developing an advanced slider for Saleha Bagas. You can check its progress here.

  • Animated Fade In and Fade Out captions.
  • Cut out images.


We helped an award winning female entrepreneur to launch her modest fashion business through an integrated portfolio and shopping cart website enabling her to penetrate a highly competitive market.

By thoroughly understanding Saleha’s Generation X and Y audience, we were able to offer additional features such as mobile optimised technology and live action photo animation to enable her exceed the expectations of her customers. That’s why she said we tackled her brief with “enthusiasm, insight and expertise.”

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