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Case Study –

Salem Azzam

“Preserving twentieth-century Islamic history”

Intuition Case Study

Preserving twentieth-century Islamic history.

Salem Azzam was born in Cairo, Egypt, on the 8th of July, 1924. He established the ICE – Islamic Council of Europe, whose aim was to support the causes of the Muslim Ummah.

Net Ummah partnered with the family of Salem Azzam to build a website to honour his legacy.

Our task was fivefold:

  • Organising large amounts of historic information.
  • Photo restoration.
  • Audio restoration, optimisation and editing.
  • Multi-language content.
  • Animated timeline infographics.

The Result:

Preserving twentieth-century Islamic history.

Salem Azzam Design Strategy

Challenge –

Organising large amounts of historic information.

The numerous audio recordings, photos and publications had to organised in a structured way.

Salem Azzam Design Strategy

Old Photo Restoration.

The original supplied photos used for the Home Page slider had scratches and other blemishes e.g. vertical streaks from old scans.

Photoshop was used to remove these imperfections via the Spot healing, Gaussian blur and FFT Filter tools.

Salem Azzam Audio Resoration

Audio Restoration.

The original supplied audio files were low in volume, contained extended pauses and lots of background noise produced from the VHS era.

Adobe Premiere Pro was used to improve the audio quality.

Salem Azzam Timeline

Animated Timeline infographics.

Brand Attributes –

History. Serious. Heritage.

Intuition Branding Colour Scheme

Designer / Developer:

Afzal Kaduji

Time Scale:

6 months

Scope of Project:

Web Design

Web Development

Photo Restoration

Audio Optimisation

User Experience Design (UX)