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Graphic Design

Branding, Identity design, Leaflets, Posters,
Magazines, Sign Boards & much more…

Graphic Design

We Design and Print

Print publications remain popular and effective ways of communication, especially if you are a community organisation or charity.

A professional image of your organisation through our eye-catching leaflets and print materials will help your charity, organisation, or business attract new audiences or donors.

Net Ummahs’ experience lies in revealing the qualities of your organisation or business that stand out through outstanding design.

We have substantial experience designing popular items such as brochures, posters, roller banners and large signboards.


Digital Design

Need online publications, brochures, PDFs, infographics, social media cover images or YouTube thumbnails? We have you covered.

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Roller Banner Design & Supply


Muslim charities, organisations and businesses either know little about branding or are altogether cynically seeing it as an exploitative ploy to make customers want something they don’t need.

Your brand is a promise to your customers that you will deliver a product or service to meet their expectations. Then you have to deliver on that promise. When seen this way, your brand is deemed as adopting Islamic values of truthfulness and honesty and thus embraced.

At Net Ummah, we have substantial experience developing brands that attract Muslim audiences: from young people to retired professionals.

We will give your organisation a brand personality which makes you stand out from the crowd and creates loyalty with your target audience. We help you achieve this by examining how your donors or customers engage with you. We then outline all the communication touchpoints that need a consistent visual or written message reinforcing your brand.

Colour Scheme
Colour Scheme

Colours have always symbolised deeper meanings- choose appropriately to reflect the personality of your brand.


Some fonts work better than others when used in tandem; this makes content more appealing to read.

Custom Iconography

Custom made. The consistent use of icon style helps control how you are perceived by your audience.

Photography Style
Photography Style

Consistent imagery. A picture tells a thousand words. Give a positive professional impression using them.

Branding Pricing

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Photography Style
Brand Style Guide
Custom iconography
Video Intro/outro
Logo Design
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    “All our work is in-house,
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    What are clients say about Net Ummah

    Mumin Khan
    Chief Executive, AQS

    The Mosque was founded by Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam in 1887. The aim of the AQS is to fully restore this very important part of U.K’s Islamic Heritage.

    “It was a brilliant job they have done for us raising the awareness of our organisation.”

    Saleha Bagas
    CEO, Saleha Bagas

    SALEHABAGAS, are a modest wear brand established in 2014 that provide fashionably modest clothing for the modern woman without compromising faith.

    “Timing was crucial to get new revamped website ready for the Ramadan launch 2021”

    Dr Haroon Khan
    Chair, IMRA Doctors

    IMRA (International Medical Relief Agency) is a U.K based charity providing medical relief world-wide. The team consists of over 100 medical professionals.

    “The new website saved us money by amalgamating our UK and US sites”

    Shabir Makim
    Co-Partner, Intuition

    Intuition Centre offers affordable, additional educational support to children and young people, residing in Manchester and surrounding areas.

    “The website increased our student intake – we are now opening additional tuition centres”