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Personal Project –

Archiving Islamic literature from British Library

“Keeping Islamic Heritage alive in UK”

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For the very first time in history, Net Ummah has managed to archive important historical documents pertaining to Abdullah Quilliam – obtained from the British Library – and now made them available to the general public.

Documents Archived

We have organised all the content so that each publication can be easily accessible. Below are the documents archived:

  • The Crescent – A weekly record of Islam in England, edited by W.H. Abdullah Quilliam represents Muslims in England between 1893 and 1908. These unique documents are a historical record of the situation of Islam and a growing convert community in British colonial times.
  • The Islamic World – A monthly record of Islam around the globe, edited by W.H. Abdullah Quilliam.
  • The Faith of Islam – By Abdullah Quilliam – 1889
  • Studies In Islam – By Abdullah Quilliam – 1895
  • The Religion of the Sword – By Abdullah Quilliam – 1891
  • Fanatics and Fanaticism – By Abdullah Quilliam – 1890
Abdullah Quilliams - The Crescent Abdullah Quilliams - The-Islamic-World Abdullah Quilliams - The Faith of Islam Abdullah Quilliams Studies in Islam Abdullah Quilliams Religions of the Sword Abdullah Quilliams - Fanatics and Fanaticism


The future

We are very happy to be involved in this project. A project that’s helps to preserve the Islamic history in Britain. Our next task is to optically convert all the pdf’s into a more readable format.


Afzal Kaduji

Time Scale:

One month

Scope of Project:

Image Enhancements

Archiving – PDF

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