10 Tips for a great ‘Coming Soon’ page

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You have everything ready to promote your new business or venture. New business cards are ready to distribute; new stationery designed and printed. Your up and running on social media ready to post your new blogs. But wait, your website has not been completed. What will happen if your customers start to check out the web address you have presented on your business stationery and social media sites. An unfinished website just looks unprofessional. The answer is for your web designer to build an engaging ‘Coming Soon Page’.

In this article, you will learn 10 essential ingredients to an engaging ‘Coming Soon Page’ that will generate interest, produce signups and help future conversion rates.

  1. Write a very brief paragraph about what you’re all about.
  2. Use a mission statement
  3. Include a sign-up for a newsletter to capture potential leads
  4. Use big bold typography and powerful background image
  5. Try using an infographic to grab attention
  6. Remember to use the branding colours on the page
  7. It’s good to include icons and links to your social media
  8. Offer a freebie. A free ebook for example.
  9. Create some curiosity
  10. Mention a launch date

Here’s an example of a ‘Coming Soon’ page we designed for one of our clients: Asset Asbestos Surveys:

Let’s measure it up against our list to make sure its got all the essential factors of an engaging ‘Coming Soon Page’:

  • Brief 
  • Mission statement 
  • Sign-up to capture emails 
  • Bold typography and background image 
  • Branding colours 
  • Social media 
  • Freebie 
  • Launch date 

Note: Remember to test out on different devices ie phones and tablets as well as your desktop

Note: Include keywords in your page for better search engine rankings

Need some more inspiration? Here are some other sites that have some great ‘Coming Soon’ pages:

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