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Website Maintenance

Your users will not take you seriously unless your website looks right, relevant and up-to-date.

Website Maintenance - Webcare

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is also sometimes called Webcare Plans.

From our considerable experience and expertise, websites which are not up-to-date look dated to donors and customers turn elsewhere when they see them because it undermines trust.

By professionally maintaining our clients’ websites after they have been designed and built, their donors and customers have received a more positive experience which has enhanced our client’s reputations and increased their volume of repeat donations and sales.

Whether you require minor amendments, more extensive work or regular updates to your site, we have you covered. Please fill out the form below and inform us of your requirements.

Over 10 years of Website Design experience

To make a good and effective website requires a range of specialist technical skills: coding, user experience, graphic design, copywriting combined with knowledge of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and social media integration.

Net Ummah has over 10 years experience in bespoke web design with particular expertise in creating innovative websites using the WordPress digital platform.

We know what discerning Muslim consumers want and what Muslim organisations and entrepreneurs need. That’s why we offer a complete service covering website design, SEO, logo design, print publicity and stationery and marketing campaigns including copy writing.

Run by Muslims for Muslims, we understand the cultural diversity of our communities which means we can tailor your proposition to meet the needs of a wide range of Muslim audiences.

We save you time
Your Time

We maintain your site so you can focus on other priorities.

We are Experts in Website Design and Development
Our Expertise

We are experienced & skilled. You can be reassured to get a website that keeps working.

We keep your website up-to-date

We continually refresh and renew your website so you are always relevant.

Website Report

We will email you a report of what has been done and suggestions for the future.

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Whether you require minor amendments, more extensive work or regular updates to your site, we have you covered. Please fill out the form below and inform us of your requirements.

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    “All our work is in-house,
    UK based,
    with no outsourcing.”



    What are clients say about Net Ummah

    Mumin Khan
    Chief Executive, AQS

    The Mosque was founded by Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam in 1887. The aim of the AQS is to fully restore this very important part of U.K’s Islamic Heritage.

    “It was a brilliant job they have done for us raising the awareness of our organisation.”

    Saleha Bagas
    CEO, Saleha Bagas

    SALEHABAGAS, are a modest wear brand established in 2014 that provide fashionably modest clothing for the modern woman without compromising faith.

    “Timing was crucial to get new revamped website ready for the Ramadan launch 2021”

    Dr Haroon Khan
    Chair, IMRA Doctors

    IMRA (International Medical Relief Agency) is a U.K based charity providing medical relief world-wide. The team consists of over 100 medical professionals.

    “The new website saved us money by amalgamating our UK and US sites”

    Shabir Makim
    Co-Partner, Intuition

    Intuition Centre offers affordable, additional educational support to children and young people, residing in Manchester and surrounding areas.

    “The website increased our student intake – we are now opening additional tuition centres”