Whats a 404 Error Page?

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What is a 404 Error?

This occurs when the web page your searching for does not exist. One possibility for this is that you have entered the incorrect page name. Let’s look at an example: Let’s say you were trying to access Net Ummahs about page. Instead of navigating to it via the links from the website, you type the physical address into the address bar of your the web browser. You should have typed: www.netummah.com/about, but instead, you accidentally typed www.netummah.com/aboutus. This will result in a 404 error, as no actual page exists.

A second example is when the page should exist but has been accidentally deleted or is an unpublished page, this will also result in a 404 Error.

A third example is when you have updated your website and given one of your pages a new name. For example, on your old website, you had a donations page called ‘donate’ and when building the new site you have renamed the page to ‘donations’.  If you were to type in the old address then again the result would be a 404 Error.

How to fix the 404 Error

Let’s take the scenarios we mentioned previously and find out how to fix them.

In the first example where users of your website have typed something incorrectly, you simply positively use a 404 page to indicate this and offer ways to direct them back on track. In our case, when users encounter a 404 page on the Net Ummah’s website then they will receive a page explaining how we can create custom 404 pages for your website. Something clever and positive.

In the second case, where your webpage has been accidentally deleted, or unpublished then the only way to remove the error is to reinstate the page. Obvious really.

In the final case, where you have renamed the page then a clever ‘trick’ can be used; it’s called a 303 Re-direct. This means that anyone who types the old address; which no longer exists will be directed to the new web address.

Some clever, inspirational 404 pages

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